We bring your why to life

Business as usual no longer exists. Companies have a life story, just like human beings.
And customers/employees/partners/clients want to know this story. We help you translate your reason of existence & transform it into practical and well designed tools, adapted to your audience.

It's why you do what you do

So you want... to be seen by prospects? Strenghten connections with your employees? Interaction with your fans?
Honest and relevant content is the way to go. Your story has this!

It's the founder & the team

No more B2B or B2C, only H2H: Human to Human. Who is your founder? Who’s in your team? People want to know how it started, want to understand your story.
Be proud of your accomplishments! By sharing your story, your audience can experience this.

It's what you believe in

The past, the present and the future are equally important in the story but some like to focuss more on the future. What does 'grow' mean for your company. What are your commen dreams?

Use your why in many ways

Together we analyse, (re)discover & shape the Company's Story our of your 'why'. According to your needs and wishes this story can be used: in your current or new website, turned into a digital timeline, beautiful books, a company film, year report, a presentation on big screen... You name it!

We help you with


Search story elements

Create infographics of your story

Integrate story into your website

Present your story at an event

Turn it into a beautiful book

Our modus operandi

To get to your story we work in 2 phases. First we analyse and work around your 'WHY' to capture the story. Secondly we translate this work into tangible outputs to show the story. These can include: a new website, story books, presentations, a movie, creative yearreports, an event or a part of a teambuilding.

In depth research for story elements

Brainstorm your why
Brainstorm your why
Define wished outcome
Define wished outcome
Create story elements
Create story elements

Creating tangible outputs for the story

Integrated in your site
Integrated in your site
Your story in books
Your story in books
Show it at an event
Show it at an event

We live for good stories!

Our background in design and psychology combined with our infinite curiousity is core to who we are. We have a genuine interest in discovering stories: what people are passionate about, why companies do what they do. Translating stories into tangible outcomes makes our day!

Infinitely curious, she might bug you with asking you questions all the time. Hypnotized with colours since she was a kid. No surprise she gets happy from translating stories into beautiful designs.


Sarah had the luck to travel the world as a kid. Kids see the world in stories. Sarah still does. She translates seemingly dry info & facts into inspiring stories. She is our storyteller. On stage or from behind her pc.


Our Story

  • -10000

    It is human nature to tell stories. Since time immemorial we express our feelings and pass on information and knowledge from one generation to another.
    Caveman painted visual stories about survival: filling stomach and avoiding dangers.

  • -2600

    The invention of paper and ink will change communication forever.
    In 2607 B.C. a Chinese philosopher developed the very first ink, a liquid composed of the soot of pine wood, oil from lamps and the skin of musk and donkey.

  • -700

    The ancient Greek epic poets recite poems and spoken words. Sometimes for hours. Their Odysseys are spiced with heroes and anti-heroes to keep the attention of the audience.

  • 500

    Around the year 500 the first handcrafted books are created. Mainly priest copy them over and over again. Storytelling for people with patience...

  • 635

    The goose quill is invented. Thé symbol of important letters, written by hand.

  • 1439

    Johannes Gutenberg invents the printing press. His invention of mechanical movable type printing starts the Printing Revolution and is widely seen as the most important event of the modern period.

  • 1591

    A large number of people still can't read. Shakespeare knows how to appeal to the heart and head and engages a wide variaty of audiance with his 'stories'.

  • 1800

    'One Thousand and One Nights' is a collection of West & South Asian stories and folk tales compiled in Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age. The stories arrive in Europe in the 18th C but were at first censored because of their erotic character.

  • 1852

    Grimm's Fairy Tales are full of wicked stepmothers, witches, demons and monsters. Reflecting the hard and cruel life of people in Central Europe in the 18th century. Some of these stories were so horrifying that religious leaders and educators forced the Grimm Brothers to modify the tales, removing the forbidden topics.

  • 1893

    With industrial ages and sophisticated technology come storytelling machines: motion picutures. One story can now reach mass audiances.

  • 1928

    Walter E. Disney makes the first 3 little Mickey Mouse films in 1928. This anthropomorphic mouse will become one of the most recognizable cartoon characters in the world. Did you know Walt was the original voice of Mickey?

  • 1976

    With the birth of internet, all methods developed during the many ages of storytelling can be combined. Stories become will become available to almost anyone.

  • 2000

    Research shows that ideas presented in emotional visual stories versus concepts explained with logic and analysis naturally imprint themselves faster into our brains. So you know what to do...

  • 2015

    With over a billion tweets per week, 10MB of reading, 400MB of hearing every day and seeing 1 MB of info every second, attention is what it is all about. And nothing holds it like a great story!

  • 2016

    Stories make you credible and make you real. Use it!

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